2018: Cross out borders by adopting new approaches to teaching

May 31, 2022 | 0 comments

Project Promoter: Casa Corpului Didactic Bacău

Project Code: 018-EY-PMIP-R2-0007

Through this project, we are addressing two needs identified by our institution. The first refers to our experts’ acquiring the competences and knowledge to train teachers in the schools with Roma population in order to develop inclusive activities meant to integrate them in the group, to attract them to school and involve their parents as partners in education. The second one refers to training teachers in primary and secondary schools (rural and urban) in terms of the new trends related to cross-curricular teaching. At the same time we need to acquire and strengthen our European dimension, by observing models in DS and other European countries, through on-site observation and interaction with professionals across Europe.


  1. O1. To observe cross-curricular teaching models and educational policies in Norway
  2. O2. To acquire innovative methods and activities to turn the classroom into an inclusive learning environment
  3. O3. To acquire best practices used in the DS education systems in terms of social inclusion
  4. O4. To interact and exchange practices and views with other European professionals and network with them


Direct: 9 teacher trainers

Results: – 3 seminars with 20 teacher trainers, 40 school managers – 5 workshops/presentations in the participants’ schools – lessons with the experts’ own students to practice the methods learned – articles and materials addressed to teachers and the wider community Impact – 6 experts trained at European level – 200 teachers informed

Contact: Leahu Gabriel; ccd.bacau.see@gmail.com