2018: Global Digital Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Joint Curriculum and Research (MAGIC)

Project Promoter: University Politehnica of Bucharest – research and development center, UPB-CAMIS

Project Code: EY-COP-0001

Computers, automation, robotics and other technologies are being connected together through the internet-of-things to setup what are known as Cyber-Physical Systems, aimed at enhancing operations, flexibility and other key business performance metrics. Industry 4.0 coupled with a shift towards global digital manufacturing (GDM) is increasingly changing the way companies do business. It is consequently also influencing the ‘skills set’ they expect from their workforce to cope with this new challenge. This is why it is necessary to adapt the skills and abilities that are taught for the various trades. There is a need that HEI stakeholders in this case a University from Iceland and one from Romania, cooperate with industrial stakeholders, in this case represented by a Chamber of Commerce (RO) and a technical consulting bureau (MT) forming part of the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, to join forces to take action and develop a means by which to prepare people to embrace the challenges being brought about the 4th industrial revolution.

Thus, the main aim of the MAGIC project is to develop a novel joint curriculum and course by which HEI trainers can attract and help first cycle students to learn in an integrated way about IND4.0, entrepreneurship and GDM. MAGIC project main results – A Student Beginner’s Guide on ‘Industry 4.0 for Global Manufacturing’ – Joint Modular course, book & case studies on Industry 4.0 for Global Digital Manufacturing; – original and comprehensive research report on the future of Additive Manufacturing, which is considered one of the founding pillars of Digital Manufacturing for Industry 4.0; – OER Platform for the Modular course on ‘Industry 4.0 for Global Digital Manufacturing’ aimed for a range of target audiences including HEI trainers and students, in open format to make it easy to also be exploited by stakeholders within SMEs & other industrial entities.

More about the project and its results are available on the website and on its platform.