2019: Professional Graduates For Our School

Project Promoter: Liceul Tehnologic „Petre Baniță” din Călărași

Project Code: 2019-EY-PCVET-0009

The project entitled “Professional graduates for our community” aims to conduct a 9-day Study Visit for 10 VET teachers, in the field of Agriculture, Management, English and 3 tutors from partner economic agent SCDCPN Dabuleni, at the host institution EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION SINGLE MEMBER PC, to contribute to the acquisition by them of the competencies, abilities to improve the internships of students in the partners economic agents according to the model of the Greek partner, which has national and international expertise and experience.

Project objectives:

1– through the 9-day Study Visit will be formed and improved with min. 80% for the 8 VET teachers, 1 English teacher, 1 director and 3 tutors of SCDCPN Dabuleni of the didactic, managerial, tutoring, organizational and linguistic competences, leading to the efficiency of the internships in partnership with economic agents in conditions real, using a unitary approach to the development of relationship skills, based on the models presented by the host partner, thus increasing the potential of adaptability of students to the demands of the labor market;

2 – creation of a set of products that will streamline the professional training activity of the school students, which will be used by the specialized teachers together with the tutors of the partner economic agent: min. 2 CDLs, min. 1 partnership with ag. economic in dual education format, 1 tool with methodological landmarks regarding the organization and development of practical training with tutoring.