2019: We form the future in the field of tourism and food

Project Promoter: Liceul Tehnologic „Jacques M. Elias“ Sascut

Project Code: 2019-EY-PCVET-0003

Partner: D.I.E.K. AGRINIO, Grecia

The project – “Shaping the future in the field of tourism and food” comes in the context in which the qualification “Waiter (waiter) seller in economic units”, is increasingly demanded by students in the area and increasingly sought after on the labor market , but for which there are not enough economic agents to ensure the practical training stages, or, do not pay enough attention to their quality, characterized by the lack of a practical approach. There is also a reluctance on the part of the economic agent to let the students perform the actual operations, being left more to observe than to perform themselves, and a lack of correlation between the requirements of the economic agent and the requirements of the program. At the same time, the partnership with the identified economic agent does not allow students access to a modern location, where many events take place. Thus, the idea of ​​experimenting with practical training internships in similar units in Greece, both theory classes by teachers and representatives of economic agents, but especially practical training classes, both specialized teachers and the economic agent , proved to be attractive, interesting and beneficial for both parties. The fact that the school and the economic agent together will experience good practices in Greece will increase the quality of both on-the-job learning and the socio-professional insertion rate.