2019: Current Training by Real Quality and Lifelong Learning Techniques

Apr 18, 2023 | 0 comments

Project promoter: Liceul Tehnic Buzău

Project code: 2019-EY-PCVET-0006

Partners: S.C. Activ Evoliria S.R.LVocational School for Tourism and Food Industry Sveti Sveti Kiril i Metodiy, Momchilgrad, Bulgaria

Project objectives:

  • To know the methods used for the training of young people from the donor states;
  • Developing and further improving the knowledge and skills of human resources related to the school, as well as the representatives of the participating economic operators;
  • To apply the aforementioned knowledge acquired in the field of human resources by participating in the development of school programs.

Through the project we have created solid and lasting partnerships between the school and the labor market to teach specialists who can easily adapt to the demands of employers. Also, the study visit between the educational environment and the economic operators, facilitated the development of transversal skills categories targeted by professional internships for all graduates at the time of employment, like: taking over tasks; capacity for synthesis and analysis; the ability to work independently and to be part of a team; the ability to understand specific tasks; critical spirit; communication skills; professional, ethical and responsible behavior; the ability to transfer knowledge, in the main field of activity.
We observed a very good cooperation of the vocational school in Bulgaria with the local economic operators that absorb a large part of the graduates, we developed a learning agreement as a final product, based on the careful observation of the existing relationship in the neighboring economic environment, with the trainers of education. The implementation of such a project involves finding solutions to potential problems that may arise in the case of a workplace, which is proactively transposed by creating work procedures to prevent adverse situations and ensure an efficient and effective flow of resources for carrying out activities , in order to achieve the proposed results.