2018: EEA Mobilities, Universitatea Tehnica in Cluj-Napoca

Project Promoter: Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca

Project Code: 18-MOB-0046

Partners: University of StavangerNorwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim 

At university level, the individuals who participate in the educational process are motivated from within, i.e. by intrinsic motivation – no doubt the most efficient type of motivation. Yet as in any type of activity, there is always room for improvement. Thus we consider that the more diverse and challenging the learning opportunities, the more satisfied the learners will be. This project has offered the students of the TUCN the opportunity to improve their educational experience, offering them the possibility to participate in educational activities in a different environment than the one they are familiar with, i.e. in the educational environment of two prestigious Norwegian universities.

The main objective was to increase the number of mobile students in certain fields, as well as exchanges of staff members.

The specific objectives followed:

  • to improve cooperation with the Norwegian partners in the fields of Food Processing and ICTs, and then widen the area of cooperation through future projects,
  • to increase the awareness of learners and academic staff with regard to food waste, environmental issues and the need for improved digital competencies, as well as
  • to increase learner satisfaction by providing opportunities for mobility towards destinations that are less accessible, Norway in particular.

In this project we succeeded in offering four students of the TUCN the possibility to participate in educational activities within the two partner universities in Norway. These students had access to laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, a different educational environment, different teaching methods, a different culture. All these helped them develop abilities that otherwise they may not have been able to develop: adaptation to a new environment, communication in a different language, integration in a new group, problem solving and teamwork. The beneficiaries had the opportunity to develop at personal level, yet this will be reflected on their home environment.