2018: EEA Mobilities – UV Timișoara

Project promoter: Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara

Project Code: 19-MOB-0031

Partners: Østfold University College – Nord University – University of Iceland – University of Oslo – MF Norwegian School of Theology – Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The project is part of West University of Timisoara’s strategy for internationalization particularly supporting the objective of increasing student and staff mobilities with the European Economic Area countries, while also increasing the number of international partners and international educational and research projects. The project responds to a specific situation we have identified in the process of organizing student and staff mobilities with higher education institutions from the European Economic Area. Thus, existing mobility programmes offer the possibility to support mobilities with a smaller grant than the one which could be allocated for the same mobility through this specific project. Given the living costs in Norway or Iceland which are exponentially higher than the European average, as well as the fact that West University of Timisoara, as many other universities, does not have a budget allocated for additional financial support, many students and members of our staff avoid opting for mobilities taking place in these countries, although the interest exists, bilateral/Erasmus/agreements in this sense being fully functional. This has led to some partnerships being terminated.

The project also responds to certain objectives of ESAYEP 2014-2021 such as the enhancement of the quality and relevance of education and training or higher education student and staff learning mobility between donor and beneficiary countries. The project supports student and staff mobilities with the following Norwegian/ Icelandic higher education institutions: Østfold University College, Nord University, University of Oslo, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The objective of the project is to organize a total of 35 outgoing and 19 incoming mobilities in the 2019-2020 academic year.