Applications: cooperation projects

Round 1: April 2018
No.TownInstitutionProject TitleReceived By The Programme OperatorReference NumberProject Status
1BucureştiUniversitatea Politehnica din BucureştiGlobal Digital Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Joint Curriculum And Research26.04.2018EY-COP-0001Eligible
2BraşovUniversitatea Transilvania din BraşovMeeting Engineers and Economists for Environmental Protection – Exchange of Good Practice27.04.2018EY-COP-0005Eligible
3BraşovUniversitatea Transilvania din BraşovInteractive, innovative and creative center to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities25.04.2018EY-COP-0025Eligible
4BucureştiȘcoala Naţională de Studii Politice şi AdministrativeSchool of Knowledge Production and Transfer for Global Economy and Governance26.04.2018EY-COP-0027Eligible
5CraiovaUniversiatea din CraiovaA Comparative and Transferable Approach to Education for Democratic Citizenship27.04.2018EY-COP-0028Eligible
6BucureştiUniversitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie “Carol Davila”Integrated Applied Genetics Training27.04.2018EY-COP-0029Eligible
7SibiuUniversitatea “Lucian Blaga” din SibiuTraining IoT skills of future workforce26.04.2018EY-COP-0031Eligible
8BucureştiAcademia de Studii Economice din BucureştiExchange of best practices on learning methods in tourism disciplines regarding the inclusion of Roma local communities from protected areas in tourism businesses27.04.2018EY-COP-0037Eligible
9BucureştiUniversitatea din BucureştiInnovative teaching methodologies for the development of nanoscience education projects26.04.2018EY-COP-0039Eligible
10BucureştiUniversitatea din BucureştiGreen Chemistry for Advanced Materials27.04.2018EY-COP-0041Eligible
11SibiuUniversitatea “Lucian Blaga” din SibiuEducating students for developing high quality research skills27.04.2018EY-COP-0049Eligible
12BucureştiUniversitatea Politehnica din BucureştiInNoVative ENtrepreneurship in Technical unIversitieS27.04.2018EY-COP-0052Eligible
13GalaţiRomanian Chinese Association for Sustainable DevelopmentEducation – the chance for your own future27.04.2018EY-COP-0054Not Eligible
– The project was not submitted by a higher education institution with the ECHE Charter.
– There is no partner from a Donor State.
– There are no annexes for non-public institutions
14BucureştiUniversitatea din BucureştiCHAIN (Cooperation and Heigh education Active INvolvement) for prevention of functional illiteracy27.04.2018EY-COP-0059Eligible
15TârgovişteUniversitatea Valahia din TârgovişteOpen Education Center for Renewable Energy Technologies27.04.2018EY-COP-0065Eligible
16Cluj-NapocaUniversitatea Tehnică din Cluj-NapocaSustainable Urban Energy Management and Energy Poverty Action Instruments for Urban Communities27.04.2018EY-COP-0076Eligible
17BucureştiUniversitatea Politehnica din BucureştiCorrosion resistant multi-component alloys – challenges and prospects26.04.2018EY-COP-0078Eligible
18BucureştiUniversitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie “Carol Davila”Romania – Iceland joint project on bone marrow embryology27.04.2018EY-COP-0081Eligible
19Cluj-NapocaUniversitatea Babes-BolyaiSustainable business, continuos learning and diversity27.04.2018EY-COP-0082Eligible
20BucureştiUniversitatea Politehnica din BucureştiAddition of Information and Communications Technology to Entrepreneurship Development27.04.2018EY-COP-0084Eligible
21BucureştiUniversitatea “Titu Maiorescu”Northern European training in stem cell biology27.04.2018EY-COP-0085Eligible
22SibiuUniversitatea “Lucian Blaga” din SibiuUnderstanding the Multiple Facets of Migration between Romania and Norway. A Holistic Approach with Focus on the Social Implications of this Phenomenon27.04.2018EY-COP-0086Eligible
23AradUniversitatea “Aurel Vlaicu” din AradEnabling teacher education students and in-service teachers to solve bullying-related challenges27.04.2018EY-COP-0088Not Eligible
– Project submitted after the deadline.
– Not all sections of the application were completed.
– The declaration of honor is not signed by the legal representative of the candidate institution
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Updated on: 18 May 2018